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Do you want to jazz up your display?

Display wall systems are the favoured choice of many companies for its longevity, performance and reliability. This system has recently emerged as a source of attracting potential customers, especially in exhibitions and trade shows. Pop-up wall, textile wall and smart wall are some types of display walls available to dazzle the world.

At seminars and in showrooms, a presentation wall (presentatiewand) can do wonders by creating a sizzling and interactive environment. The best part associated with it is that you can create a full exhibition stand by linking together different walls. A pop-up wall, with aluminium frame, deliver fully magnetic and high quality platform.

Plan Your Space With High Quality Display Walls!

The excellent performance and screen uniformity also makes these systems a popular choice with so many benefits. Flexibility, easy set-up, redundancy and durability are some benefits that you can enjoy using these systems. Available in many patterns, styles, designs and colors, walls can be a perfect solution for all your display related problems.

With the help of the stylish and modular presentation wall (presentatiewand), you can design a clear and effective product display. Superb quality wall is easy and fast to set up and suitable for a variety of colour signs and prints. A lot of companies provide high-quality and flexible solutions to cater your display needs.

3ID Expo Systems is one such company that provides an exclusive collection of display walls and other display materials. Just a few innovations can give your business a new image, strength and visibility in the global market.


Wires can not be used better than this !!!

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Velcro Hook and loop fasteners are very common in use these days. We use this in almost every area of our daily life – in cloths, purse, bags, shoes, wrappers and so many other applications. It is very useful in cloths and shoes for children, elder persons or physically challenged persons for whom it will be difficult to use zips or buttons in cloths or laces in shoes. It has a unique mechanism which is known as Hook and Loop mechanism and Velcro is the patent name.

Hook and loop for Cable ManagementThis Velcro Hook and Loop Fastener method uses fine hooks on one surface and loops on the other surface of the fastener, when pressed one on other they create a temporary fastener by holding those loops by hooks. When we need to separate then, just a pealing type action in opposite side and it will be open. This is a perfect substitute of zipper used before its invention. Like other inventions, idea of hook and loop fastener was taken from nature.

This idea of such a fastener was was conceived in 1941 by Swiss engineer, Georges de Mestral during his hunting trip with his dog in Alps. He noticed some burrs or seeds sticking to his clothes as well as hid dogs fir. When he checked it through microscope then  he found that those seeds were stick due to its unique hooks. It was seed of Burdoc flower and they do mechanism for seed dispersal with help of the small hooks made on its outer surface and when come to contact of any fabric or similar items they get attached to that surface only.

Hook and loop Fastener used for cable management

The word  Velcro is the patent for this unique hook and loop fastener and it comes from a combination of two french words, velours (“velvet”), and crochet (“hook”). Now days Velcro hook and loop fasteners are used heavily for wire and cable management and can be used almost every type of application. From normal life application like shoes, fabric, jackets etc it is used everywhere but in technical aspects they are used in so many sensitive applications also like in space crafts, it is used to hold things on it place in zero gravity situations  as it is the lightest weight fastener.

Cable Management Kit
Why we need a proper cable management at our work place ? We sometime ignore a few basic things like wire and cable management. We normally spent a lot on electrical and electronics equipments purchase for management of our office or work place but we don’t focus on the proper  tools and accessories for managing the important network of wires and cables. It is dangerous as well as expensive in log course of time.

10 Benefits of Cable Management 

Cable Management Solution Blogs

Cable Management tools and solutions for establishing a computer network for our small requirements for small office or home offices. Though professionals are better for completing this job but  if the user has an idea of how it all has been done then he can take a benefit of this knowledge by troubleshooting small problems at his own level. Not only troubleshooting rather taking actions for removing problems will also be much easier.

Server Racks

Cable management for computer servers for use in offices and other commercial setup. In normal case we can see the output only but the complete management behind this has to be understood by every one. We are heavily dependent on computers these days and we can not afford to have computers shutdown. There are so much of efforts , technology and products used to ensure that there is no any shutdown and that is what we mean by cable management.


Cable Management Solutions.

Cable Ties or Zip Ties are widely accepted tool for bundling loose wires and cables and it is used worldwide for wire and cable management. This is very interesting that no other wire and cable management tool is so widely used in non technical applications as these Zip Ties. They are quick, strong and available in different sizes as well as as colors that they can be used anywhere.

After its invention in 1958 lot of modifications are done and now there are variety of zip ties available for specific applications. Basic type of zip ties are available in plastic material but for advance use, zip tie made of stainless steel or metal blended with nylon for metal detection are also available. In normal use the zip ties are for one time use and are non releasable once used for any grip but for special uses, releasable and reusable zip ties are also available.

Cable Ties

Cable Management

Cable Ties Zip TIes

Cable Ties or Zip ties are very useful tool for bundling wires and cables  of any type. The biggest advantage is it is very easy to use and second best thing is that they are very economical. That is the reason this is accepted for all type of wire and cable management worldwide. They are so versatile in nature you can find it’s application in every area of our life.

Cable Ties for Cable management.


Wire looms

Wire looms are excellent for wire management. Though used in various application, mostly used in automotive Industries for cable harness to protect the wires and cables from any physical damages due to heat, friction and vibration which is normal in automotive engines.

Wire Looms in Cable Management.

Wire and Cable Management is such a important area to manage that it has become a full management system. It is not only lying of wires and cables but it has to deal with every other aspect starting from bundling of cables and up to successful installation of server network. It starts with the building plan with all the current provisions, next possible future revolutions and a little bit of temporary solutions for situations which could not be taken care at the time of planning.

Cable Management Aspects.