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Employee wellness is a crucial issue for companies as keeping them healthy means businesses can increase productivity and cut costs on health plans. Studies have shown that people are more likely to be regular on the job when they are feeling good, physically and mentally. Today, many companies are instituting wellness programs, there are few things an organization can do to make sure their staff stay healthy. One of the easiest among all is installing a certified water cooler in the workplace.

Our body is believed to be about 60-70% water as blood is mostly water, and our lungs, muscles and brain also contain a lot of water. What if these organs does not get enough water supply, they will not perform up-to-the-mark. To avoid this situation, it is crucial for companies to install a proper water system. Global Water offer a wide range of products to cater the needs of big as well as small companies through models like G3, G4, G5 and G4CT, G5CT, and more.water coolerThe recent introduction of bottle-less water cooler has made the traditional service of water delivery obsolete for offices and homes. This innovative water filtration system is extremely easy to connect to existing water line and provide you with pure and fresh water. The environmental and economic benefits of switching to advanced water dispensers are many. They are cost-effective, Eco-friendly, convenient and require less maintenance.

Say goodbye to those bulky and expensive water storage systems and order an advanced, reliable and certified water filtration system for your office. Give your staff a healthy environment where they can perform to their best.

Just imagine no dry days, no bottled water deliveries and no affect to the environment. Drink plenty of pure water and stay healthy!



Do you want to jazz up your display?

Display wall systems are the favoured choice of many companies for its longevity, performance and reliability. This system has recently emerged as a source of attracting potential customers, especially in exhibitions and trade shows. Pop-up wall, textile wall and smart wall are some types of display walls available to dazzle the world.

At seminars and in showrooms, a presentation wall (presentatiewand) can do wonders by creating a sizzling and interactive environment. The best part associated with it is that you can create a full exhibition stand by linking together different walls. A pop-up wall, with aluminium frame, deliver fully magnetic and high quality platform.

Plan Your Space With High Quality Display Walls!

The excellent performance and screen uniformity also makes these systems a popular choice with so many benefits. Flexibility, easy set-up, redundancy and durability are some benefits that you can enjoy using these systems. Available in many patterns, styles, designs and colors, walls can be a perfect solution for all your display related problems.

With the help of the stylish and modular presentation wall (presentatiewand), you can design a clear and effective product display. Superb quality wall is easy and fast to set up and suitable for a variety of colour signs and prints. A lot of companies provide high-quality and flexible solutions to cater your display needs.

3ID Expo Systems is one such company that provides an exclusive collection of display walls and other display materials. Just a few innovations can give your business a new image, strength and visibility in the global market.

Do you have any idea about trigger based marketing? It works on the point when business people analyses customer behavior to know triggers. These triggers indicate the requirement for a new service or product. In simple words, it can be any interaction used to boost sales in a more effective way. Now you will be able to understand what is interactive marketing in a better way.

Interactive marketing is an effort to a conversation and it is a simple process of building brands in the international market. Ad Tech Singapore is a platform for all those looking for an effective way to hold a position in the digital marketing industry. An event where you can meet and communicate with industry leading professionals.

what is interactive marketing

You can become a part of an event having total attendance of over 2500 visits – a place were you are allowed to meet leading brands. You can also call these event – “Relationship Event” where you can share your views and information with industry leaders. To offer a flavor of opportunities Ad Tech Singapore have outlined special conferences for interactive marketing.

The main motive behind such events is to make you familiar with –  what is interactive marketing and its benefits for your business. This way you can enjoy customer’s maximum involvement in brand building. It is very easy to register for the event online and you just have to choose from different categories.