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Reaorts in Kasauli

Kasauli is one of my favorite holiday destination in Himachal Pradesh (India). Resorts in kasauli are so beautifully located that you can feel yourself with nature all the time. Listening birds chirping and surrounded by pine trees with one side mountain and valley other side, far away from any kind of pollution… you will find the feel of mesmerizing tranquility here.

Crystal Palace, Penge, May 1928

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     Best seat in the house: An aerial view of Wembley Stadium during the 1935 FA Cup Final. In this game Sheffield Wednesday beat West Bromwich Albion 4-2. The Cierva autogyro in the foreground was flown by Scotland Yard, experimenting with air observation to monitor crowds. © English Heritage     Blackpool Tower and the Winter Gardens, Blackpool, July 1920. The Winter Gardens, together with the Tower and its surrounding buildings, established Blackpool as the premier seaside resort in England. It is a vast entertainment complex containing a number of individual elements built round a pre-existing house over a long period between 1875 and 1939. Since completion in 1894 the Blackpool Tower had not been painted properly and the steelwork had... more      Thames Floods, March 1947. One of the most severe floods of the 20th century, the Thames Floods were caused by 117mm (4.6 inches) of precipitation triggered by thawing snow following a harsh winter. It is estimated that just over 100,000 properties were flooded. The floods peaked after a week and took another 10 days to subside completely, leaving immediate damage estimated by Clement Attlee's Labour government at £12m (around £300m in current ... more      Packed in tight! Housing in Kensal Rise, London, March 1921. Kensal Rise was a small hamlet at the beginning of the 1800s. However, the construction of two railway lines facilitated growth into a London suburb. Extensive housing development followed such as the building of these terraces. © English Heritage     The Bryant & May Match Factory, Bow, London, January 1920. Redeveloped into residential accommodation in the 1980s, the Bryant & May Match Factory was the site of the Match Girls Strike in 1888 that culminated in the establishment of the first British trade union for women. At its peak there were more than 3000 women and girls working at this site. © English Heritage     Queen Mary, River Clyde, Clydebank. Crowds on the river bank watch the first voyage of the newly-built RMS Queen Mary. March 1936. © English Heritage     Stunning image of Sgurr a' Mhuilinn, Strathconon Forest. Oblique aerial photograph taken facing north-west in October 1948.     Victoria Dock, West Waterloo Dock and East Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. July 1920. © English Heritage     St Paul's Cathedral, London

A batch of more than 15,000 stunning images showing Britain from above have been released by English Heritage. The pictures, which came close to being lost because they are so old and fragile, come from the Aerofilms Collection- an archive of more than a million aerial photographs taken between 1919 and 2006

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Alappuzha — the name means “broad river” in Malayalam — is famous for its backwaters, houseboats, boat races, temples and seafood. These attractions have earned it the moniker “Venice of the East.” Founded in 1762 by Raja Keshavadasan, Diwan of the princely state of Travancore under Maharaja Raja Rama Varma, it is considered to be the oldest planned town in the region. This year Alappuzha, formerly known by its Anglicised name of Alleppey, celebrates its 250th anniversary.

At sunset, the waters gleam with sunrays and take on a golden sheen. When the boats are docked for the night you can walk around the small villages and shops, meet the local people and see the traditional way of transportation in water.

Alappuzha – Kerala’s Enchanted Water World

8 cool destinations to beat the summer heat Photos | Pictures - Yahoo! Lifestyle India

There is beauty in its barrenness. The colors are stark. The Indus River beckons you, curving along the path, taking you to lands forgotten. Clothed in snow, the mountains encircle you as you climb the steps to monasteries perched precariously on cliffs. Watch the lakes change color every minute as you drive through the land of high passes, and feel humbled in the barren landscape. Favourite is Pangong Tso, although Tso Moriri comes a close second. If you are up to it, cycle or hike up to Khardung La or lose yourself in the colours of the Nubra Valley.

8 cool destinations to beat the summer heat Photos | Pictures – Yahoo! Lifestyle India.

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