How To Save Money by Wedding Planning

Posted: February 28, 2014 in wedding Planner
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A couple begins planning their wedding once the groom has proposed and the couple is engaged. Nowadays, destination weddings are becoming increasingly famous, but there are a number of other wedding planning ideas too. It is not really essential to be wealthy for having a stunning wedding. Nowadays, there are so many couples who opt for smaller weddings because they are aware of the importance of saving money for many other very important things in future. Every girl dreams of planning her wedding on her own.

One of the ways by which you can have an awesome wedding is by having a small and beautiful formal ceremony including only your close friends, family and relatives. If you don’t have a budget in which you can have a lavish wedding, you can always have a small ceremony like this. You can have a just small ceremony and a small wedding party and save on the expenditures and costs associated with a large wedding. On your wedding day, you can save the money by opting for a buffet-style meal instead of individual plates which can really cost you a lot. You would also be able to start your honeymoon soon if you finish your wedding reception early. For all this we need to have good Wedding Planning that too as early as possible otherwise arranging all these on time will be more difficult.

For people with tight budget, people go for weekday weddings instead of weekends. If you really want to have your wedding on weekend, you will end up paying twice the normal rentals for just booking the venue of the ceremony and reception. So, it would be wise to have the wedding on a Thursday or a Friday and then take a weekend away from work and start your honeymoon period really early. And then again, if you have the wedding on a later weekday, you would get a huge turnout of the guests and you will end up paying a lot. So, if you are thinking of saving the money, you should plan it on an earlier weekday.

Nowadays, it is also very common while planning a wedding to confirm from your wedding planner whether he/she will be responsible for even renting the tuxedo or the dress. Generally, people buy their own and their bridesmaid’s dresses. But renting these dresses can also be a convenient option because you would be able to save a lot of money just by doing this.The bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses can cost exorbitant amounts to you and that too for just one night. All the money that you are able to save on your wedding can be put to better use like a great honeymoon package for the newlyweds. A good Wedding Planner may save a lot of money by arranging all these for you in a very cost effective manner.

Again, you can also save money on the wedding gifts. Inexpensive wedding gifts do not mean that you do not care for your guests. Off course, planning a wedding on a tighter budget would be a little difficult but if you follow these simple tips you would be able to do it easily and with twice less amount than it takes to plan a large wedding.

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