Use Lightning Connector iPhone Cable in Your Car or Office

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Gadgets
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I am one of those people who are crazy about latest gadgets and recently bought iPhone 5. I lost my iPhone cable a few days back and was feeling helpless. A friend told me to buy it online and also that I can buy it at a very reasonable price. He also told me about a reliable online store offering gadgets and accessories – Gadgetdeals it was.

I made an order for iPhone cable (iphone kabel) 100 cm suitable for using iPad and iPhone with lightning connector 8 pin charging. The order reached me within 3 days, packed carefully for keeping the product safe from dirt or water. The cable I ordered from Gadgetdeals can easily connected to the USB port of my computer to recharge and transfer data.

iphone kabel

 I am fully satisfied with the compatibility of the cable as it supports iPod Nano 7th generation, iPod 5th generation and iPhone 5. I use it in my car, home and office as well – what else you can expect from an accessory. The store had a wide range of accessories such as car holder, USB cable, mobile phone cases, and a lot more things.

I found the cheapest and compatible iPhone Cable (iphone kabel) for my expensive gadget and also satisfied with the customer service of Gadgetdeals. The store is doing good and offers only useful products, not nonsense.


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