Velcro Hook and Loop Fastener Invention

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Wire Management
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Velcro Hook and loop fasteners are very common in use these days. We use this in almost every area of our daily life – in cloths, purse, bags, shoes, wrappers and so many other applications. It is very useful in cloths and shoes for children, elder persons or physically challenged persons for whom it will be difficult to use zips or buttons in cloths or laces in shoes. It has a unique mechanism which is known as Hook and Loop mechanism and Velcro is the patent name.

Hook and loop for Cable ManagementThis Velcro Hook and Loop Fastener method uses fine hooks on one surface and loops on the other surface of the fastener, when pressed one on other they create a temporary fastener by holding those loops by hooks. When we need to separate then, just a pealing type action in opposite side and it will be open. This is a perfect substitute of zipper used before its invention. Like other inventions, idea of hook and loop fastener was taken from nature.

This idea of such a fastener was was conceived in 1941 by Swiss engineer, Georges de Mestral during his hunting trip with his dog in Alps. He noticed some burrs or seeds sticking to his clothes as well as hid dogs fir. When he checked it through microscope then  he found that those seeds were stick due to its unique hooks. It was seed of Burdoc flower and they do mechanism for seed dispersal with help of the small hooks made on its outer surface and when come to contact of any fabric or similar items they get attached to that surface only.

Hook and loop Fastener used for cable management

The word  Velcro is the patent for this unique hook and loop fastener and it comes from a combination of two french words, velours (“velvet”), and crochet (“hook”). Now days Velcro hook and loop fasteners are used heavily for wire and cable management and can be used almost every type of application. From normal life application like shoes, fabric, jackets etc it is used everywhere but in technical aspects they are used in so many sensitive applications also like in space crafts, it is used to hold things on it place in zero gravity situations  as it is the lightest weight fastener.

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